PayPal For Open-Realty Versions 2.5.x

PayPal addon for Open-Realty to replace the agent signup form. This is for charging for subscriptions or a one-time signup fee to limit listings, featured listings, and virtual tours. Agents can control their listings and exchange them when sold, etc.
When signing up, an agent can have a free trial period. At the end of the free trial period, they will automatically be billed for it unless they cancel. This gives them an opportunity to try before they buy. Easily customizable and there is no need to worry about keeping up with subscriptions or payments! All is handled by PayPal!

Easily setup in minutes!


No OR Core files modified or replaced!
Admin configuration section - Add packages easily - No editing of files needed.

Fully customizable for various package options to set for featured listings, number of listings, and virtual tours.
Agents can upgrade their account, if allowed
Automatically gives agents the right upgrade options
Full IPN database control - Agent signs up for subscription, then logs in...that simple.
PayPal currency can be set in admin
Custom forms easily edited
Free Trial options
Paid Trial options
Decides whether they are a subscriber or not, whether upgrades are allowed or not, and shows the appropriate icons and choices.
No need to set icon permissions in template
Fully template compatible
Unlimited Packages
Package upgrades are automatically figured according to agent's current package

Settings can:

Create subscription that expires in given time - variable subscription terms allowed
Create recurring subscriptions that don't expire until cancelled
Create one-time payment that doesn't expire
Create one-time payment that expires in set time
Give free trial
Give second reduced price trial
Allow agents to upgrade account

Package options currently allowed:

Number of Listings Options
Featured Listings Options
Virtual Tours Options
Subscription Durations - Days, Weeks, Months, Years

Several packages can be set up with any combination of the above options. e,g,:
Option1 - Single Listing w/Virtual Tour - No Featured - 1 Month recurring
Option2 - 15 Listings with Virtual Tours and Featured - 6 Month recurring

The addon uses PayPal IPN for automating the process and creating the account. No intervention is needed to setup the account. Accounts can be cancelled by admin by logging into your PayPal account or by Agents in the login area.

The IPN script is setup for use with cURL(if needed) and has a GoDaddy option since they require a proxy and cURL to use IPN.

Uses the link below for your template

or use:

Admin Settings

Signup Pages

Error Pages

Final Page - Takes you to PayPal

PayPal Pages

PayPal Does not charge a fee until the trial period ends

Admin Section :

Only agents with subscriptions will see the icon in admin:

Subscription Options - Turn Allow upgrade on or off

Chooses which options you can upgrade to

PayPal Upgrade account

Special thanks to the Open-Realty team for their great product!